West-Yorkshire Business Banking & Business Finance

West-Yorkshire Business Banking & Business Finance

West-Yorkshire  Business Funding

Do you run a small business in West-Yorkshire and need a business bank account or to obtain funding for your business?

Making sure that your business has sufficient funding in the early stages is critical and there are a number of money based subjects that you need to consider.

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Your Business Line

Your Business Line


In these volatile economic times the importance of getting things ‘right’ has
never been greater !

Philip Shuker and his team of experts have many years experience of advising
small to medium sized businesses on a wide range of issues - including the
all important future growth and development.

We are passionate about “adding value” to your business by providing a highly
personal service - telephone, email or actual visit. Our advice and
help is down practical and down to earth – and our charges extremely reasonable.

Our diverse backgrounds –from leading UK insurer
to commercial solicitor and accountant (and much more), provide
uniquely valuable resources for your business.

All of us understand the trials and tribulations of
everyday business.

Our passion is helping grow successful businesses’

Philp Shuker BA

Philip Shuker

Why not let YourBusinessLine help you make the ‘right’ decisions
with professional services covering . .

The right choice for . . .

business management – managing efficiently & profitably

• accounting & records

• quality benchmarking

• marketing & sales

strategic planning & development- the future in your

• opportunities & threats

• business plans

• growth without tears

employing people – asset or liability?

• training & performance

• rights & liabilities

• avoiding costly legal battles

legal & financial-where you stand

• ‘know your rights’

• compliance

• tax mitigation & reclaims

Contact us today to find how we can help you make the right decisions
for your business.

Philip Shuker

T 01706 227419

M 07730949165

E info@yourbusinessline.com


Services are offered throughout the UK and charged on a fixed fee basis, with
no ‘nasty’ shocks or ‘hidden’ charges.

Your Business Line
T: 01706 227419
W: http://www.yourbusinessline.com

Do You Need Money To Start Your Business?

West-Yorkshire  How to raise funding

It wasn't that long ago that borrowing from your bank, friends, or relatives were pretty much the only available options if you need to raise money to start your business. How times have changed!

While some high street banks are still an option for a robust proposition with match funding or the security of the equity in your home, many start-ups have found that traditional bank overdrafts and loan facilities are no longer a realistic hope.

Thankfully, a whole new world of 'alternative funding' is emerging. You may or may not have heard (apparently 95% of UK businesses survey haven't) of equity based crowd funding, reward based crowd funding, peer-to-peer lending, pension-led funding, invoice trading, debt-based securities business angels and private investing (as seen on TV's Dragon's Den).

The government also recognises that start-ups can play their part in the economy as potential tax payers and employers hence the introduction of the start-up loan company.

Grants - some areas do have grants available to aid new businesses. They tend to be location and/or sector dependent but a fanstatic boost for anyonee who qualifies.

The only problem now is knowing which of these is likely to be best for you!

Free Funding Report

If you need to raise some money for your new or existing business and would like to know what options are open to you (without any obligation), please complete and submit this simple form.

We will also send you a FREE guide which explains all of these 'new' funding choices in simple English.

As you will see, no personal details need to be revealed apart from your e-mail address. We assure you that this will be treated in the strictest confidence and that we will not sell/share it with anyone else or bombard you with spam.



First name:


Local Authority Area:

New or existing business:

Brief description of business:

Amount Required:

Personal input:

Credit Rating:



Your business banking questions answered

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West-Yorkshire Business Banking

If you offer a product or service that can help new business start ups or existing small businesses in the West-Yorkshire area, we would love to promote you here free of charge. (Add Your Link)

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