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A series of free downloadable local guides designed to make starting a business as smooth as possible...

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If you are thinking of starting a business, we can help.

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How to Start a Business in the United States

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If you are planning to start a business in the United States, you have come to the right place.

Start Your Own Business (10 years old this year!) contains information and advice but, unlike other start-up sites, it also contains details of LOCAL organisations who can help you. The firms listed on each page have declared themselves to be 'new business friendly' and will welcome your enquiries.

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The aim of Start Your Own Business in the United States is to highlight 'new business friendly' firms and organisations who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. For ease, we have dedicated sections for the following areas of the United States:

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Starting Your Own Business in the United States?

Over the years, we have have collected useful information that has already helped thousands of new business start-ups and we hope that it will help you too...

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Can You Help Business Start-Ups in the United States?

We are happy to promote (free of charge!) any business support organisations and allied trades in the United States who are keen to help new business start-ups.

If you offer a product or service that can help anyone thinking of setting up on their own or running an existing small business, please do add your details to the site.

Start Up Resources

Start Up NewsLatest Resources...

My boyfriend asked me to be a Shareholder in his small Company – why would he do that?
Is your boyfriend a higher rate taxpayer? If he is, it will lower his income if his Company pays some dividends to you. It might then save him tax without you having to pay any extra tax yourself.
Date added: 2015-09-28 AMS Accountancy Ltd.


Start Up NewsLatest Blog Aerticle...

Mother Wasn’t Always Right
I was brought up in a very strict household where I was repeatedly told “ask & you don’t get”. Now while it may be argued that this is an admirable trait in children it is not so helpful as an adult in business. Let me explain…….
Date added: 2015-09-06 Carmen Parkinson

Business Start-Up Map

Start-Up Map

Business Start-Up Map
This infographic has proved to be incredibly popular and used to occupy the centre pages of our Start-Up newspapers. Ideal for a visual guide through the start-up process or the larger (A3 and A2)versions can be printed and used as a poster.

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Latest Business Tips

Latest tips...

Offer a freebie to gain trust
For example: If we can solve a problem for a new customer over the phone we will not charge them, they will often come back after recieving a good level of customer service but not only this, they will be happy to recommend you to their suppliers, friends or other staff.
CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol

Get your website right
Irrespective of your company size, getting your website right is is crucial, it is your on-line shop window. For many prospective customers, it is the first contact they will have with your business, it needs to make a good first impression, be informative and helpful.
Web-Clubs Ltd

Blur the lines
The great example of my advice could be "Life is good" company. Two brothers set up their own company being a student and making cool T-shirts.
First of all they think about their customers. They really want them to be satisfied!
They blur the line between profitable and not-profitable company. They combine charity with earning.
Their moto: "Takers might eat well, but givers sleep well for sure"
They give the fresher one simple advice: follow your dream and make the business the subcategory of your life!

We are a small friendly team and always welcome enquiries from anyone who is thinking who is planning to start a business or from anyone who can offer help and support. Contact us.

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