1230 The Womens Company

1230 The Womens Company

Description: 1230 The Womens Company is an effective, dynamic network of meetings and events where like-minded business women meet to inspire, share experiences, strengthen and grow their businesses through building trusted business relationships. 1230 TWC is totally committed to providing opportunities for business women to increase business. Gain all the benefits of 1230 TWC by becoming a full member both on-line and off-line. Join us and hundreds of other business and professional women in one of the most effective and friendly networking organisations. The 1230 TWC Franchise enables you to run your own supported 1230 TWC business

Areas Covered: Nationwide

Telephone number: 020 8650 8015

Website: http://www.1230.co.uk

Tip Title: The Badge!

Tip: When networking, always wear your name badge on the right-hand side. Why? When shaking hands your eye-line always falls to the other persons right-hand shoulder. Try it and see!

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