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The 2024 Edition is packed with the information that you need to start and grow a business.

Start Your Own Business in 2024
easy to follow step by step guide

easy to follow step by step guide

Business planning
are you ready?

Market research
are you ready?

Business set-up
is there a gap in the market?

work from home or premises?

Finance & funding
your funding options

Accountancy & tax
tax and VAT explained

Business networking
tips and local groups

Getting online
online marketing, social media

Employing staff
how to find and recruit

Law & insurance
the key considerations

Common mistakes
and how to avoid them

Start-up directory
useful contacts

Start Your Own Business in 2024

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We are sure that you find the contents of this book both useful and interesting. It has been collated with the best of intent but we do also strongly suggest that you take relevant advice before making important decisions. Please do get in touch if you have any ideas as to how we can improve this publication or if you would like to be included in future editions.

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Local Startup Books

We have also created a number of local editions of our popular Start Your Own Business book. These contain all of the core content but this is complimented by local information and contacts.

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If you offer a product or service which can help local start-ups and small business owners, we would be delighted to promote the fact (free of charge)

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