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Where to find business support organisations who help start-ups.

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Businesses in Famagusta are more likely to succeed if they seek and act upon the advice of a professional business adviser. This page should point you in the right direction.

"You don't know, what you don't know" is a great saying and so applicable to starting a business. There are so many considerations in the early stages that taking advice from an experienced business adviser will dramatically increase your chances of success.

See list of local business support organisations below.

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If you are based in in Famagusta or offer a product or service which could help existing local businesses and start-ups, we would love you to help you reach them. Our aim is to increase the chances of every new business's success by highlighting the help that is available in the area.

You are able to add a free listing or act as our recommended local partner for only £10 per year!

Local partners

We are happy to promote anyone who is prepared to offer friendly support to local start-ups.

Our local partners have been kind enough to help us and are keen to help you too.

Free startup guide

Start Your Own Business in 2024

Download the 2024 edition of our Free guide

An interactive step-by-step guide which also includes all of the most important subjects covered with links to useful articles and relevant contacts.

The idea of starting your own business can be incredibly exciting and who can blame you for being tempted?

However, the sad truth is that far too many new enterprises fail in the early stages. Our aim is to make sure that you don't become one of them.

This guide explains the key start-up subjects in simple English and points to where you can find help and support.

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Famagusta Business Advisors

Cyprus Business Consultancy
At Cyprus Business Consultancy we start by working with you to understand your business, whether established or starting up. We know that no two business are the same and that each one requires complete understanding, from your offer to your goals and aspirations. We work with you to create a profile of your company and then from that we are better able to understand your unique business and work with you in the area(s) required. We also know how much work goes into creating a business from the very idea concept, the market research and then the planning and launch. We know it doesnt stop there, and that to remain successful in the current market place, as a company you have to evolve, staying still is not an option. We work closely with our clients, both established businesses and new start-ups, we listen, understand and act, working with our clients, helping them move their unique businesses forward.
Company Formation Cyprus
The company registration procedure in Cyprus is basically the same for all business entities, having a simple and straightforward structure. Call us now at +44 203 287 0408 to set up an appointment with our lawyers in Nicosia.

Local help for startups

There is plenty of help for startups in Famagusta but where can it be found?

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