A Minefield to the Uninitiated

Free Start-Up Articles
Free Start-Up Articles

Most start-ups need some certification to give them the credentials to compete with established companies - so this is a warning against some of the Cowboys out there that can rip-off the uninitiated.

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 , ISO 14001 & OHSAS18001 - UKAS or Non-UKAS Certification?

For many individuals their first interest in the ISO Standards is generated from a client request, tick box on a tender, or request from a Director to "find out what it is", or simply *get it". This leads to the obvious place of research - the internet.

It is there that individuals can easily be drawn in to high ranking websites with impressive terminology & even Celebrity endorsement, - Nick Hewer of the Apprentice!

People with limited time and/or budget can also be drawn to attractive terms such as "3 Simple Steps", Fast & Cost Effective", "Complete Solution". You can similarly obtain a "Degree" on the internet - Fast, Cost Effective, Complete Solution & in just 1 Simple Step - would you employ someone with one of those degrees when there are so many genuine people who have legitimately worked hard for theirs?

Ultimately you get whats written on the packet. If it says it is fast & cheap - it is fast & cheap. If the Certification or Logo you attach to your company says "fast & cheap, then.........

Non-UKAS Certification companies inevitably follow the same 3 step process, visit & give you an off the shelf system/document - ludicrously easy audit that no company fails - issue their own certificate.

For credible, recognized Certification it is like sitting your driving test, anybody can teach you to drive - but you must be assessed by an independent DVLA approved examiner. Imagine the roads if licences could be guaranteed first time just by making a payment - issued in "3 simple cost effective steps" , Lesson - Test - Pass!! All credible Certification is assessed or marked by independent bodies - GCSEs, A Levels, Degrees, Driving Licences, Gas Safe Engineer etc. There is a level you must achieve to pass, not good enough you fail - thats what sets a Standard.
UKAS are the only Accreditation Body in this country, recognised by both ISO & The British Government - National Accreditation Body.

We believe we offer the best route to the only credible form of certification in the UK - #ISO9001 , #ISO27001 , #ISO14001 & #OHSAS18001 #UKAS #Certification .


A prospective client told us only last week - "Due to budget constraints, we are looking at going down the route of non-UKAS compliance " - hope we managed to convince otherwise.....

Non UKAS & Compliance can be a conflict of terms - Non-UKAS you dont need to comply with anything to be issued an ISO 9001 , ISO 27001 , ISO 14001 or OHSAS18001 Certificate.
Our advice to all is either UKAS or not at all. If beyond budget, we would advise putting on hold.
Without certification you are still a legitimate company & can still claim your systems meet the requirements of the ISO standards.

Display a "Non-UKAS" Cert & you can be identified as a company who dont understand standards, hold them in low regard or are just a Cowboy Firm trying to pull the wool over the eyes of prospective clients.

2 people of equal aptitude & ability apply for a job in your company - one has a degree the other has no quals. Prior to making a decision you find the Degree was downloaded from the internet on the cheap - who do you trust & who do you then subsequently employ. Same for your company - companies are increasingly in the know, with UKAS launching ongoing awareness campaigns. Attach a "Cowboy Badge" to your company & the mud can stick.

Guaranteed UKAS Certification can also be guaranteed, but takes more work & expertise. We do this by deploying key safety nets in the process - We Document Your Systems - We Advise on Implementation - We Fully Audit you - We Follow Up & Help Close Out Our Audit Findings - We Represent at independent UKAS Certification.

Being totally honest all #ISOConsultancy companies will tell you they are the best & we are no different so shop around. Be sure of one thing though - make sure it is a UKAS Certificate !!


ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 27001 or OHSAS18001 ??

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized Quality Standard. It defines the elements of organization required by a company to systematically deliver quality products, services or advice.
ISO 9001 Certification is verification by an independent certification body, that you systematically deliver quality services or products. It is a benchmark for potential customers & helps you add robustness to your operations

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized Information Security Management Standard. It defines the elements of control required by a company to protect all information it holds.

In an ever increasing age of security awareness & media exposure of careless information handling, the protection of data is critical. Sectors such as finance, health, public and IT have become particularly sensitive. Hence, certification to the standard is increasingly winning both confidence & new contracts. Running a Datacentre or simply operating in information technology ISO 27001 Certification is becoming a must for survival.

ISO14001 is the internationally recognized Environmental Standard. It defines the elements of organization required by a company to control the impact of their activities, products or services on the environment.

ISO 14001 Certification demonstrates to an increasingly aware public & business community - a commitment to minimize your impact on their environment. It gives confidence that customers environmental credentials & good names wont be tarnished by their suppliers operations

#ohsas18001 is the internationally recognized Occupational Health & Safety Standard. It defines the elements of organization required by a company to protect their employees & anyone else exposed to their activities, products or services from Injury or Ill Health.

OHSAS18001 demonstrates to an increasingly aware public & business community - a commitment to protect the Health & Safety of anybody exposed to your operations. It gives confidence that customers regard for the publics Health & Safety wont be compromised by your operations.

The choice is your but for a small business starting out, firstly find out -

* Which Standards are best for you & your business
* What Standards would potential clients want you to have
* Will you get a return on investment

If you need a fixed cost quote for guaranteed UKAS Certification to decide on the above just give us a call or drop us an email -

0800 032 9001

Grant McCormick