Hiring Staff. Five Tips to Streamline your Application Process

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Choosing the right candidate the first time around can save a great deal of time and money. On the other hand, a disorganized approach to hiring can lead to a lengthy, inefficient process. With the use of technology and open channels of communication throughout the hiring process, you can hasten the screening process.

A good way to think about it is to approach the hiring process with the skills learned in a project management course. This means creating a timeline in advance, so that youre prepared with the software, protocols, and procedures that will help prevent you from rushing through recruiting. Keep these five handy tips in mind to streamline your application process and save a bit of time.

1. Make requirements clear in application materials.

One of the most obvious yet effective ways to avoid wasting time is to make your requirements abundantly clear in the job description. Does the business need someone who has over three years of experience under their belts, with a strong working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop? Then say so. In addition to specific skills, education, and experience; dont be afraid to include other requirements pertaining to work behaviour or attitudes. You can even include requirements as screening questions before the applicant is able to access the application.

2. Administer skills testing before the interview.

Some hiring managers wait to test skills as a final step of the job process, after the interview has been completed and references checked. Moving this step to an earlier part of the process can be a big time-saver. Make sure the candidate really knows the computer programs or other skills they have listed on their resume, before taking the time to conduct an interview.

3. Use social media to vet candidates.

A candidates online presence can tell you a lot about the persons personality and work history. As a result, most HR professionals now turn to social media to pursue and evaluate candidates. Use platforms like LinkedIn and Google Plus to place job listings and find talent. You can enable your application process to automatically import resumes from LinkedIn, or view online portfolios before inviting candidates to an interview.

4. Use recruiting software.

Recruiting software makes short work of searching for candidates. A good program is capable of sifting through job boards, online resumes, and social media profiles to find potential employees on your behalf, cutting out a good percentage of the recruitment legwork.

5. Get a second opinion.

Although it may seem like an extra step, its a good rule of thumb to always include someone else in the hiring process. When evaluating a final candidate on your own, you may miss out on qualities that a colleague may notice. Obtain additional perspectives from other managers or co-workers to improve your chances of finding the best fit. This extra step can save you the trouble of starting the hiring process all over again if a new hire doesnt work out.

Taking a straightforward, professional approach to hiring can improve your chances of finding the right candidate for the job. Dont be afraid to incorporate time-saving uses of technology to streamline this process.