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Is There Something On Your Mind?

If there's something you can't get off your mind, it will be likely to disrupt your attention and take your focus away from important business tasks. It might be best to address the thing that's top of mind, so you can crack on.

Let’s be honest, we all have a lot on our minds at the moment. The problem for small business owners and start-ups occurs when those things that are top of mind interrupt the focus you should have on your business development.

If you made a business plan and identified the high pay off activities that drive your business growth, those things that are top of mind may well derail you. Sometimes I recommend certain tools to avoid distractions and interruptions such as an interruption log and vision board to keep your goals in sight, but sometimes you just need to address your thoughts so you can deal with them and get them out of the way.

Can you share your thoughts?

Who do you have around you that can lend a fresh perspective to your concerns? It may be a trusted friend or family member, your bookkeeper or accountant, a business mentor, or someone you know through networking. Whoever it is, I can guarantee that talking about what’s holding you back and distracting you will come as a great relief.

If you’re a writer not a talker, you may find it beneficial to put your thoughts on paper, send yourself an email or even blog about them to share on social media. Either way, getting your concerns out of your head is the first step to eliminating them so you can regain focus on your business activities.

The benefits of sharing what’s on your mind

Will the person or people you’ve shared with challenge you and make you look at different ways of solving problems? Will they console and support you? Do they have a positive outlook on life?

In my experience of working with clients, sharing what’s top of mind eases concerns and remotivates you. Once you’ve got that monkey off your back you will find your positive energy returns and you can crack on with executing your business plan.

My final thought on what is top of mind for you right now is this; address it soon, otherwise your conscious or subconscious mind will dwell on those unhelpful thoughts.

I do hope this article has been of use to you, and that if you do have unhelpful thoughts and worries on your mind, that you can eliminate them quickly.

All the best – Mike.

Mike Foster

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