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Female entrepreneurs leading the way
Success: Female entrepreneurs leading the way

New business start-ups have been largely dominated by men in the past, but a recent survey conducted by HSBC has highlighted a shift in the male/female ratio. The Essence of Enterprise report found that female entrepreneurs make up 59 per cent of UK entrepreneurs under the age of thirty-five.

4 Ways to Get Known Fast
Women into business: 4 Ways to Get Known Fast

Want to know one of the biggest challenges women face when trying to grow their idea, knowledge, or service based businesses?

Women into business- childcare
Women into business: Women into business- childcare

Starting a new your own business may mean that you have to make arrangements for someone to look after the children. Using friends or relatives is the obvious first choice, but what other alternatives are there?

How enthusiastic are you?
Women into business: How enthusiastic are you?

Inject some enthusiasm into your business! Get Visioning!

Empower yourself.
Women into business: Empower yourself.

Empower yourself with the confidence to make things happen.

Women into business - statistics
Women into business: Women into business - statistics

More and more women are setting up their own business. Women are voting with their feet and setting up their own businesses to get more flexibility between work and family life, according to a urvey of female entrepreneurs.