Online Marketing For Kettering Businesses

Online Marketing For Kettering Businesses
Are you a small business or start up in Kettering?

Are you getting enough sales from your website?

Did you know...

* Internet marketing is very cost-effective, stretching your marketing budget even further

* It increases your sales & profits as your website is visible 24 hours per day

* You can measure your marketing & find out how many people visit your site, how they find your site and what they're doing on your website

*It is highly targeted as people searching online have already decided which products and services they're looking for before they begin their search.

*New technology is enabling businesses to attract wider audiences even with shrinking marketing budgets, so it should be an essential part of your marketing mix.

Latest Online Marketing Articles

If you run your own business in Kettering and would like to learn more about online marketing, we have compiled a library of useful resources and frequently asked questions which we hope that you will find both interesting and useful.

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Kettering SEO

Useful Start-Up Resources
If you can help new business start ups or existing small businesses in the Kettering area, we would love to promote you here free of charge. (Add Your Business)

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Course

Grow your start-up business quickly and get results more effectively with this complete digital marketing course! SYOB visitors are entitled to 50% off for the first 3 months, giving access to marketing materials including Getting Started With Your Marketing, How To Create A Landing Page That Converts Customers, Email Marketing Made Effective and How To Get To The Top Of Google.

A SEO Consultant
Affordable SEO consultant, offers an initial free SEO report and has a host of high quality past clients to view feedback and rankings of. 01933 805128

We Offer A Free Geographical Targeted Banner Advertising Service In 4 easy steps you can have your advertising banner displayed on thousands of websites on the internet. See website for more details

Online marketing specialists, Forty First are offering a free consultation which includes an analysis of your website and some free tips that you can implement straight away to improve the performance of your site. To take up this offer and understand how you can attract more visitors to your website, please contact Sam McArthur on 0845 226 0492 or email 0845 226 0492

Free Social Media Marketing offer to any growing business. The offer is simple. Send me any news or case studies that you have done (about 200-300 words is best but not essential) and I will promote it through my social media network. Please ensure you include a link to your web site as this will help you promote your web site which at the moment is one of the key reasons for getting involved in social media. You get more traffic to your web site and I get more exposure for my marketing services. Thats why I can offer the service for free. 7947015813

SEO Midak
Id like to offer a couple of smaller start up businesses a free trial of using my SEO services. Heres the catch. I was a Civil Engineer by trade, until I lost my job in the recession. I am in the process of setting up SEO Midak. I feel confident about doing SEO but I need a business to trial it on. I am mainly looking for a small business that is residing down on page 6 or below of google searches. Mike Whitfield SEO Midak.

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