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Business Tips
Business Tips

Here are some helpful business tips that have been kindly supplied by SYOB visitors.

We hope that you find them useful and help you avoid some of the most common business mistakes. If you would like to receive it.

COVID-19: An SOS Checklist For Small Business Owners
If your business is reeling from Corona Virus and a stay-at-home customer base, this guide should help. Included are a number of creative ways you can adjust your services for a lockdown market, plus ways you can sell online without coding knowhow or a web developer. Not only that, but learn how to create a popup e-commerce store in an afternoon!
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Gain instant credibility with a Virtual Office Address
If you are not ready for a permanent office space, keep your home address and business address separate and secure by using a Virtual Office Address. For only £25 per month you can use 13 Regent Street Barnsley S70 2EG for your business cards, website, business listings and much more, plus benefit from preferential room hire rates to meet clients and quickly become part of the local networking community!
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Web Design, Development, Digital Marketing, and Mobile App Development Company
Nettechnocrats create and build world-class responsive websites that increase the scale of your business. We provide a summary of web development solutions according to the business needs of our customers that are based on different market verticals worldwide.Get scalable and robust enterprise software solutions at Nettechnocrats.We provide effective IT and digital marketing solutions, end-to-end mobile app development, UI UX app design services, and independent software testing and QA services, etc.
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Are you a radiator or a drain?
I was once told that the world is divided into two types of people - radiators and drains. As you can probably already imagine, radiators are people who are warm and make you feel good. Drains, on the other hand, are cold and to be avoided whenever possible. WHICH ARE YOU?


The counter intuitive thing you need to do when starting a business
The counter intuitive thing you need to do when starting a business: Plan For The Exit. You might not be expecting to leave in 3 years or 5 years, or ever, but planning for an exit is an essential part of all business planning and builds into your business those attributes that make it attractive to lenders, suppliers, institutional clients and others.
The Exit Firm

The customer isn't always right, but...
Whilst 'the customer isn't always right', they are the ones using and paying for your product so it follows suit that they should be at the heart of every business decision or business plan you make. It's easy to get carried away with what you want, or what you 'think' your customers want. Analysing all the data you can get your hands on, continuously researching and optimising your offering will ensure you stay ahead of the curve and keep customers happy.
Purple Stag Marketing

Network in your spare time
As a startup, you might find yourself spending a lot of time hunting for new work. Take part in all the local networking events, make friends in other businesses. Word of mouth is a very strong tool when growing your business.
Hello Online

3 most costly mistakes in British small business
If you are thinking of starting a small business, the 3 formats that cost people the most are:1. franchising2. a concept based on legislation3. business showsread in full on our articles page at
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Don't wait to 'feel' motivated.
So often I find myself working with clients who "don't have any motivation to ........." and therefore they talk themselves out of making that change, taking that decision, sorting things out, trying something new, turning a corner. They believe they need the 'motivation' first. THEN they will apparently take action.I completely disagree. I have witnessed too many times that the motivation just doesn't ever seem to arrive and the block (or excuse!) wins.MY TIP: Think about it this way instead - how often do we tell ourselves we don't feel like doing something today, perhaps it is cold, wet and blowing a gale outside but we are due at a netball, hockey, football or rugby match or had planned a run or walk with a friend. Yet, despite not 'feeling like it' we make ourselves go because we can't let other people down. What happens? By showing up and just getting on with the game, run or walk we get into it, start enjoying it and guess what? THEN OUR MOTIVATION ARRIVES!!!!It is by taking action, getting on with it, starting..... that our motivation comes to us - NOT the other way around.So what are you waiting for? What are you putting off? Start first, and get the motivation as a result of the doing. Don't wait until you feel sufficiently motivated, that's the wrong order of things and it won't ever happen.No more excuses. No more waiting (avoiding!). Just get on with it!!! In the nicest possible way, of course.For further free tips, join my Facebook page which you can find via the Milestone Training & Coaching Co website.
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