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30 Reasons To Start A Business

Why on earth would you want start a business? Often the hours are long and the pay poor. Here are 30 reasons that may make it worthwhile...

1. You are now unemployable
2. You the taking orders
3. The 40 hour working week is no where near long enough
4. You want to work for someone like yourself
5. And be able to tell your boss exactly what you think
6. You like drinking tea/coffee (and lots of it at times!)
7. A touch of insanity runs in the family
8. You love paperwork/accounts/tax returns
9. You are able to resist the urge to throttle unreasonable customers
10. You want to share your hard earned cash with the government
11. You like the idea of trading in your shiny company car for an old jalopy
12. You seek the thrill of the unknown
13. You have enough hair to tear out when things are not going to plan
14. Your spouse wants you out of the house (for work, not forever hopefully!)
15. The month seems to last longer than the paycheck
16. You want to remove the limit to what you can earn
17. But are prepared to accept that you could earn less
18. You want to turn a hobby/passion/interest into an income
19. You crave the excitement of running your own enterprise
20. You have the resilience to keep going through tougher times
21. You have confidence in your own ability
22. You are prepared to network with other business owners/potential customers
23. You have the support of family and friends
24. You have the money in place to fund the early stages
25. You have a business plan and cashflow forecast
26. You are prepared to take (calculated) risks
27. You have big dreams but a realistic plan to achieve them
28. You have the desire and passion to succeed
29. You want to be in control of your own destiny
30. You will recognise success and enjoy it

Good luck

Andy Pringle

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