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Free Online Cost Of Startup Calculator

Starting a new business can be an expensive business, whether it’s a coffee shop or a construction company. But it's hard to say exactly what the price might be - so use our calculator to build your own costs to see how much it might set you back.

This free online calculator allows you to fill in the details that relate to your business and then provides you with totals by theme.

At first, I have to confess that I found it a little confusing, but it is worth perservering. Not only does it give you a rough idea of the figures involved, it is a very useful thought provoker and makes you question whether or not you need each particular article.

It has been created by Quote My Energy.

Two best friends saw a need to help businesses find better deals and prices on their energy bills. When it came to finding good prices, they noticed a big lack of transparency in the market and want to make it easier for businesses to have the suppliers come to you and compete to offer you the best price. Their aim is to make it simpler and easier to get a fast, honest quote.

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Guest Articles Welcomed

As we cannot be experts in every relevant subject, we would love to receive 'guest' articles that may be of interest to anyone running their own business or thinking of doing so. ADD YOUR ARTICLE