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Do I Charge Or Pay Vat On Leaflets?

In the UK, most leaflets do not attract any VAT on their printing. But there are some exceptions. In this article, we'll go through some points to help you figure out whether or not you should be charged VAT.

Your leaflet must be designed to be read a few times and then disposed in order to avoid VAT. If the leaflet is designed to be kept (for example, it contains a calendar) or stuck up like a poster, then standard VAT will usually apply.

If any of the following conditions are true, standard VAT will usually apply in the UK.

* Your leaflet has an area to be written on or parts to be detached and returned.

* Your leaflet can be used to gain entry to an event or premises (it will be classified as a ticket).

* Your leaflet can be used to get a discount on goods and services (it will be regarded as a voucher).

Some printers charge VAT on everything, even when VAT should not be applied (most likely, to stay on the safe side of HMRC), so its best to send them your design and confirm whether or not they will charge VAT. For further information on VAT, visit HMRC Zero Rating VAT (

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