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Improve Your Marketing By Hanging Out With Your Ideal Customers

A quick guide to improving your marketing tactics

You must have heard about the mystical ideal customer? The one who is a perfect fit for your business, has the budget, the need and is ready to go? So how do you find that illusive unicorn..?

Finding your ideal customer through profiling...

Creating an ideal customer profile will help quickly and easily identify the people you want to speak to, and even determine where you will find them.

Here’re some tips on creating a profile…

1. Identify existing customers that are getting the highest value from you

2. ‘Clean’ the information to create a set of data that relates to the following:
a. The industry (it’s a good fit for you)
b. They have the budget, or are a scaling company
c. They have an identifiable need
d. The employee count fits your serviceable market
e. Their geographical location suits you

3. Speak to your best customers:
a. Ask if they could assist you with answers to; how they found you, why they chose you, how they’re benefitting

4. Create a buyer persona with this, or some of this information:
a. Age, gender, location, family status, level of education, industry, job title, industry, level of seniority, affluence, values, beliefs, lifestyle, interests, favourite way of gaining information, events, charities…

So, where do your ideal customers hang out?

The answers to the above questions should give you a pretty sound idea of which marketing channels to use and what type of language to adopt.

Will you be doing more events at conference centres or starting a TikTok channel for example?! There’s no doubt that to attract your next best customer, you need to do more of what attracted your current best customers. Or dig a little deeper to find even bigger and better ones! The customers that you want to pull towards you, the ones that will value you and the ones that can pay for your product or service will appreciate you showing up for them.

I wish you all the best for your new marketing tactics!

Mike Foster
The Entrepreneurs Mentor

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