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Is Your Website An Asset Or Liability?

The majority of businesses have a website but is it enhancing your business or damaging your brand and reputation?

Some common areas that often get overlooked that can be easily enhanced include:

Look and feel:
Template sites are fine when you are just starting out but having a site designed to compliment your other marketing materials and brand is essential as your business grows.

Ensure that the images you are using are of good quality, are relevant and if sourced online that any licence fees have been paid.

Ensure your site includes 'Call to Action' buttons such as Buy Now, Register Here, etc.

Check for spelling ' all of our sites come complete with spellchecker but a lot of sites don't so be careful! Also check your hyperlinks do work.


Do you have control of every aspect of your site? With technology today there should be no need to have to go back to your provider to make changes incurring unnecessary costs and delays when amendments are required.

Legal compliance:

Do you have the necessary Privacy Statements, Company details and Cookie law policies that you may find you need?

Marketing your site:

Your site could be perfect and look spectacular but it will only work if potential customers are finding you. SEO can be a minefield but there are a number of simple steps you can take to make your site more visible - there are many free resources to help you including our FREE resources.

Just as you've worked hard to build a customer base offline, you shouldn't neglect the great opportunity you have to build an online following for your business. It's a great way to generate repeat reading and return visits to your website.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are free places that people use to network with each other, share interesting (but sometimes useless!) information, and just be entertained. Simply connecting your website to your social media profiles is an easy way to build a following. All of this can be done with it'seeze websites, which have social media platform integration to allow your latest Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn updates to feature on your website. New to social media?

In Summary

The seven keys to successful business websites are:

1. Get a website you can control
2. Start talking to Google
3. Keep your content fresh
4. Help customers easily contact you
5. Build a following
6. Prompt actions
7. Evaluate and re-new

Maureen Frost

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