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Online Display Advertising And What Every Small Business Should Know.

The differences between online advertising and traditional advertising.

When I first started out in advertising, longer ago than I care to admit, I would visit local businesses, come up with some ideas for a good headline for their ads, write them some copy and go back and give all the instructions to a production team and see it printed in the newspaper the next day!

Wow, how things have changed! The print industry is almost dead and everyone is online wherever they are with their beloved smart phones. Any local business who hasnt acquainted themselves with online/mobile opportunities is severely missing out, especially if they are not at least targeting mobile users. Yellow pages thickness or lack of it is a clear indication of this.

If you have a smart phone yourself you will notice how many times you grab it to find things but in fact local searches account for over 70% of mobile phone searches and that figure is still growing exponentially.

The UK reached the mobile tipping point this year and now 53% of UK mobiles are smartphones but Google displays ads very differently to a desktop search results page.

Companies who know how to take advantage of this are already winning hands down and small businesses will be struggling if they dont sit up and get smart about the smartphone revolution.

So here are my top 3 tips for local businesses wishing to grow their enquiries.

1. Sign up to Google+

2. Add your business

3. Set up a paid search campaign in Google until you manage to get enough reviews to rank well in the local listings. Add a number to your ads and make sure you bid high to get the first and second places.

Of course managing all this correctly takes a lot of skill and knowledge. If you would like more help then please email me We can work with any budget but if you are spending heaps of cash on leaflets then think about what the same budget can get you used differently!

The first 10 businesses who email me will also receive a £100 Google voucher

Liz Ponsford

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