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Start a new business in The UK
If you are starting a business in The UK, this site is full of FREE resources, useful information and local contacts to help you start and grow successfully.

Start Your Own Business (now over 12 years old) contains information and advice but, unlike other startup sites, it also contains details of LOCAL organisations who can help you. The firms listed on each page have declared themselves to be 'new business friendly' and will welcome your enquiries.

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No registration required - our genuine aim is to simply provide you with as much free help as we can!

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Over the years, we have amassed a large collection of articles which we believe you may find useful. The vast majority of these have been kindly supplied by experts in each relevant field.

Free Marketing Plan Template
You could spend every penny of your income (and more) on marketing but knowing where to get the best results is a bit of an art. Our free guide has been created by an experienced marketeer to helpyou overcome that challenge. Download now free of charge and without registration.
Free One Page Marketing Plan
This free factsheet provides you with a great way of thinking about your target market and how to reach them. It asks you the key questions which will help you determine your marketing strategy.
Start Your Own Business Powerpoint Presentation
Something slightly different! This Powerpoint presentation is used for our startup workshops and compliments our business plan template.
Startup CD Contents
Several years ago, we created a CD based upon our popular start-up map. You can now download the entire contents and enjoy this interactive experience. Navigate your way through the map and learn about each stage of the start-up 'journey'.
Free Survival Budget Planner
How much do you really need to pay your bills while your business takes shape? This free budget planner can be downloaded immediately and without registration

Latest Business Tips

Business Tips


Business Networking is a great way of promoting your business but it is also an excellent way of finding services that will help you build your business and improve the service you provide. Plus you get to meet lots of like minded people who all want you to succeed. Search the web for your local networking groups first and then you will find out about others through the people you meet. I know of businesses that have achieved their success through networking. Good luck

Set up a customer base before anything else

Start building your customer base 12-6 months ahead of opening the business. It will give your company the right shape and direction. A bonus tip: don't wait with the launch until everything is perfect! Just go for it - it will get manic not matter what, you might as well be up and running!

Considerations when starting a business

We offer a large number of free helpsheets for business owners on our website, ranging from business and personal tax advice, notes on pension schemes, employment law and capital taxes. These can be found under the factsheet area of the site, there are also several specific factsheets for new business owners which offers advice on raising finance, help with business plans, credit control within a business and insuring a new company. The text box will not allow me to paste the link!

Your Brand is the Door to your business

Impression is everything - you want your Brand, logo, identity to look professional and to have a holistic look to your website and social media content. Take time to consider colour, typography & message.

Learn enough not to do damage

When starting your own business you will most likely need to wear multiple hats. Whether it be basic accounting, digital marketing techniques, sales, recruitment, you name it, you'll most likely need to play a hand in all. However, going deep into any one field can take you away from your core skills. So learn enough about each area so you can instruct somebody else how to do it when the time comes. This will enable you grow at scale without having to spin all the plates yourself at once. And most importantly know when you find someone competent to take on the role full time...because you cannot do everything!

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Local Contacts

Find Local Help & Support

In addition to the information that applies to startups everywhere, we have also created LOCAL sections to help you find the help and support that is on your own doorstep. This includes, business advice, networking, funding & grants, accountancy, web design, and much more.

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