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How to Start a Business in East Riding

Free start-up resources and useful local contacts.

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How to Start a Business in East Riding

Starting a business in East Riding

If you are thinking about starting a business in East Riding or would like to grow your existing business, we would love to help you.

Start Your Own Business in East Riding contains resources and the information that will help give your venture the best chance of success. It also highlights organisations who offer friendly advice and the services that you are likely to need as a new startup or local business owner.

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Starting a business in East Riding

Free Startup Resources

Getting it right from the start can help to prevent problems later.

To help you with this we have created a vast selection of resources and they are all completely free!

If you're considering starting a business or already running one in East Riding, this section is designed to provide you with valuable information and resources to support your entrepreneurial journey.

East Riding, located in the northeastern part of England, offers a diverse business landscape, rich cultural heritage, and a thriving local economy.

Demographics of East Riding

East Riding is home to a vibrant and growing population. As of the latest available data, the estimated population of East Riding is over 340,000 residents. The county encompasses a mix of urban and rural areas, providing a diverse customer base and business opportunities across various sectors.

Major Towns and Cities in East Riding
  • Kingston upon Hull: Kingston upon Hull, commonly known as Hull, is the largest city in East Riding with a population of over 260,000 residents. It is a major economic hub with a thriving port, diverse industries, and a rich cultural scene. Hull offers opportunities in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, creative industries, and renewable energy.
  • Beverley: Beverley is a historic market town in East Riding, with a population of over 30,000 residents. It is known for its medieval architecture, charming streets, and vibrant festivals. Beverley has a strong retail sector, along with opportunities in hospitality, tourism, and professional services.
  • Bridlington: Bridlington is a popular coastal town in East Riding, with a population of over 35,000 residents. It attracts tourists with its sandy beaches, entertainment venues, and picturesque harbor. Bridlington offers opportunities in tourism, hospitality, retail, and leisure industries.
Local Authorities in East Riding

Understanding the local authorities in East Riding is essential for navigating regulatory requirements and accessing relevant services. Here are some key local authorities in East Riding along with their website links:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council : The official website of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council provides comprehensive information on local government services, business rates, planning permissions, and economic development initiatives. They offer guidance on starting a business, provide access to grants and funding opportunities, and support business growth in the county.
Business Support Organisations in East Riding

East Riding is home to several business support organisations dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. Whether you need assistance with funding, mentoring, networking, or general guidance, these organisations can provide valuable resources. Here are a few notable business support organisations in East Riding, along with their website links:

  • Humber Business Growth Hub : The Humber Business Growth Hub offers a range of support services for businesses in East Riding and the wider Humber region. They provide business advice, access to funding opportunities, workshops, networking events, and specialist support tailored to your business needs.
  • Centre for Digital Innovation (C4DI) : C4DI is a tech-focused business incubator and coworking space located in Hull. They provide support and mentorship for tech startups, access to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, and resources to accelerate your business growth in the digital sector.

We hope this comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for starting or running a business in East Riding. Exploring the websites of local authorities and business support organisations will provide you with further information, guidance, and assistance. Wishing you every success on your entrepreneurial journey in East Riding!

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Start Your Own Business in East Riding

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Starting a business in East Riding

Key Contacts in East Riding

'You don't know what you don't know' is a phrase that is so applicable to starting a new business.

East Riding is a great place for start-ups but your chances of success are dramatically improved if you make the most of the support that is available locally. Click on logos to visit their websites.


Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber now has 2,000 members and affiliates, representing all types of businesses in the Humber region, which includes North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. We represent a more diverse cross-section of companies than any other business organisation, including a high proportion of the region’s largest companies. We also have a number of members based further afield, who take advantage of the benefits that our highly rated Chamber offers.


Humber Local Enterprise Partnership
We’re driving the growth of the Humber economy for the benefits of our communities in the four local authority areas of Hull, East Riding, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.. We have an unprecedented opportunity to improve the fortunes of the Humber region and have identified three key ambitions that will help us and those working with us to help the Humber achieve lasting growth and prosperity.


East Yorkshire Business Group
East Yorkshire Business Group or EYBG was organised around making networking fun again and really creating a format that can work online as well as face to face. The basics are still same using the simple idea that when we collaborate together, we’re at our best. We invite you to be your best self; explore, teach, learn, and grow at our event. There’s truly something for everyone to find valuable.


DSS Accounting
At DSS Accounting we can help you to help your Business grow and increasing profitability. This could be simply providing advice, point of contact for HMRC or actively becoming a member of your team to work on certain projects. Our Business support covers...... Company Formation * Help choosing Company name * Company structure advice (directors and shareholders) * Registered office facility * HMRC registration (VAT, PAYE and Tax) * Deadline reminders * Advise software Support * Business strategy * Business advice * Business plans * Training


CBA Financials
Running your own business ? Snowed under with the paperwork ? We are specialists in providing quality financial services with outstanding support. Our expert personalised service can take care of all your bookkeeping and financial needs, quickly and efficiently. Why not contact us to see how we can handle the financial paperwork, leaving you to do what you do best... Run YOUR business.


Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
Federation of Small Businesses are experts in business. Formed in 1974, we are a non-profit making and non-political organisation whose member base covers the length and breadth of the UK. Our aim is to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions. We realise this aim by offering our members a wide range of vital business services including advice, financial expertise, support and powerful voice in government, influencing the decisions that affect their businesses.


The Acorn Fund
The Acorn Fund is a Delivery Partner for the Government Start Up Loan scheme and are happy to discuss your thoughts and ideas either over the phone, via email or by calling at our office. Contact Craig Simpson on 01482 324976 or email Chamber Acorn Fund (Humber) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub
Free expertise, support and resources to help your business grow.


East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Starting, growing and locating your business Looking for help to start, grow, or locate your business? We can provide the support you need, from creating a business plan, keeping records and marketing your business to finding the right location and premises, staff, funding and support to help make your business a success.


Invest East Riding - Business Support
Thinking of working for yourself, just registered as a business or reviewing your current growth plans, our team can guide you every step of the way.


The Lonely Middle Club - From Startup Hive
Starting a business is exciting, and succeeding is rewarding, but what about the bit between? You know, that bit that’s full of self-doubt, endless repetition and feelings of being out of your comfort zone? We call it ‘The Lonely Middle’ and it’s one of the hardest parts of creating a successful business. We know, we’ve been there. So, we created The Lonely Middle Club to help you through it. Each month you get exclusive content to help give you the knowledge and inspiration to succeed. Plus, you get access to a private members-only Facebook group where you can get advice and network with small business owners who are going through similar challenges to you. If you want even more, you can download our 51 worksheets, guides, and journals all designed to do one thing, and one thing only… help you get through ‘The Lonely Middle’ and achieve your business goals. Visit our website today to join the club and benefit from our members price lock and full no questions asked money-back guarantee.


Established since 1999, Sirius is a BIS registered Enterprise Agency, and also a fully accredited Community Development Finance Initiative. Based in Hedon, Sirius offers free advice and business loans for local people setting up a business in the area, or to expand an already successful business in Hull and the East Riding Of Yorkshire.


East Riding of Yorkshire Council Business Services
Hosted by the council, the enterprise agency offers a range of business support services including, pre-start one to one advice, mentoring, growing your business, events and networking opportunities. Services are free to East Riding residents and businesses. Please call or visit the website for further details.

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