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How to decide where to base your new business and some local options for start-ups.

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Business Premises? Office? Shop? Industrial Unit? Serviced Offices? Warehouse Unit? Factory? Restaurant? Workshop? Or Start from Home?

Whether you choose to work from home or are looking to rent or buy a business premises, you may like to read our commercial property articles which cover the various options for small business or new business start ups. (We also have a section dedicated to working from home.)

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Commercial Property
Location, location, location! Deciding where to run your business could be determined by the nature of your work, running a restaurant from home is probably not a good idea and a window cleaning business is unlikely to need swanky offices! This selection of articles should help you decide whether to work from home, lease or buy a property, or use a virtual facility.

Home or Away

Deciding where to run your business could be determined by the nature of your work, running a restaurant from home is probably not a good idea and a window cleaning business is unlikely to need swanky offices!

Work from home

Working from home is definitely the cheapest option, but not always the best. You will need to ensure that you can separate home and work life. Will you be able to motivate yourself and concentrate, or possibly even moretempting—avoid the temptation to work all the time Advantages: Cost, convenience, easy to set up, the kettle is close by! Disadvantages: Domestic distractions, possibly lone working, holiday cover, the kettle is close by!

Top tip! Check to make sure that your lease/house deeds do not prevent you from operating from home. If required, obtain permission from your landlord or building society.

Office or workspace

Starting in an office or workshop will involve higher set up costs than working from home but may be more appropriate particularly if you are planning to employ staff or if your customers come to you. There are important health &safety issues that you will need to be aware of if you are planning to work from any premises. The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) offer free explanatory leaflets at


A lease is a contractual agreement to rent a property. But do you rent or buy Your financial situation could decide this for you, but if you chose to lease/rent, think extremely carefully about the implications. Lord Forte is famously quoted as saying three most important considerations are LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! However, the better the location the higher the rent!

Who is responsible for repairs

Take legal advice. You want security, but do you want the legal obligation and for how long Business success or failure may mean that you need smaller/larger premises in the future. Ask about a ‘break clause’ which could present an ‘escape route’ at a defined point.


Purchasing your property could prove to be an attractive long-term proposition. You will be giving yourself security of tenure, possibly an asset that will rise in value, and any repayments will be reducing your loan rather than simply paying rent to somebody else. You will need to use a solicitor to conduct the purchase, and definitely pay for a full structural survey.


With a license, the property owner is effectively saying “OK, you can occupy my property for a while, but I can interrupt at any time and ask you to leave.” The advantage to the owner is obvious, but it can also be a flexible and inexpensive way for a new start to move into premises. Licences are usually relatively short term.

Serviced Offices

Working from your garage or garden shed can appear amateur to prospective clients and lack the kudos of an official business address. But there is an alternative that will keep you sane without bankrupting your business before it’s even off the ground. Renting a desk in a shared office offers the best of both worlds. You’re still your own boss, but you’ll have the business support services, such as internet connection, a receptionist, meeting rooms and technical support, all available on site. You’ll have total autonomy, but feel like you are part of a community.

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Edinburgh Commercial Property

Building a thriving business community in a great location We are an award-winning independent Local Enterprise organisation, developing businesses and skills for people in the south east Edinburgh. With a range of commercial property units and a uniquely supportive approach, Create attracts a wide variety of entrepreneurs, including online retailers, food set ups and tech companies, boosting the local economy and creating a vibrant business hub. With easy access to East Lothian, Midlothian and Edinburgh itself we also offer practical programmes advising businesses and individuals. Our team are experienced, super-friendly and work closely with all our clients. With 65 flexible and affordable property units both large and small, our tenants range from sole traders to national companies. FOR ADVICE, HELP & SUPPORT Call: 0131 661 8888 Email: Units 1-3 Castlebrae Business Centre Peffer Place Edinburgh EH16 4BB
RentLocally Property Management & Letting Agents in Edinburgh
Looking for exceptional property services? Look no further. RentLocally is your dedicated partner for all things letting and property management in Edinburgh. As leading Edinburgh letting agents, we specialise in connecting landlords with reliable tenants and ensuring seamless property management. Our commitment to personalised service and local expertise sets us apart. With a focus on Edinburgh's unique property landscape, we provide tailored solutions that deliver results. Whether you're a landlord seeking reliable tenants or need expert property management, RentLocally is here for you. Experience hassle-free letting and property management with Edinburgh's trusted choice RentLocally.
LetFix Ltd - Handyman and Property Maintenance
LetFix is Edinburghs favourite property maintenance Edinburgh company. We have a team of handymen who specialise in maintaining properties and carrying out a range of maintenance jobs from replacing bath seals up to structural refurbishments and project management. We focus on delivering a high quality of work at a competitive price whilst delivering an excellent level of service.
MHPS Property Services
An All Trades Property Services Company offering a wide range of services to Home & Business owners, Landlords & Letting Agents. Plumbing, Gas, Electrical, Joinery, Maintenance & Repairs, PIR & PAT electrical testing, Roofing repairs

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