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Mother Wasn't Always Right

I was brought up in a very strict household where I was repeatedly told "ask & you don't get". Now while it may be argued that this is an admirable trait in children it is not so helpful as an adult in business. Let me explain.......

As a self- confessed control freak who hates to delegate, particularly when it comes to my own business, I spent years when first self- employed trying to go it alone & resisting asking for anything let alone help from my peers.

Why? Well partly because of the control freak thing, partly because of my upbringing but mainly because I thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness. I could not have been more wrong.

In recent years I have been pleasantly surprised by the willingness of others to help but more importantly by what those helping have been able to teach me.

This realisation that life and business is so much easier, and enjoyable, when you allow others to advise, support and encourage was one of the main reasons that I became so heavily involved with the Business Clinic at its inception.

Time after time I have seen others grow and develop both in business and personally after experiencing the peer to peer support that my colleagues give so freely at the BCO. clinics and surgeries. The confidential and informal nature of the events nurtures participation and sharing and allows even business owners like myself to try out new ideas and discuss challenges and opportunities.

My mother also told me not to talk to strangers but I do that every time I go to a networking event never know who you might meet.

Carmen Parkinson
The Business Clinic

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