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Whether you are thinking about starting a business in Wiltshire or you are already successfully trading, we would strongly advise you to consider finding a business mentor.

Even the most succesful business people recognise that they do not know everything and that an impartial outside perspective can be invaluable. Unlike working for a company, as an entrepreneur, you do not have a boss to turn to or to ask for a second opinion. A good mentor will learn about you, your business, your strengths and weaknesses. This combined with their own wisdom and experience, will provide you with an ongoing support mechanism.

Recommended Local Partner

Liift pitch deck design, coaching and mentoring consultancy.

Liift pitch deck design, coaching and mentoring consultancy.

Tony is a 30-year commercial veteran, international award-winning CEO and product designer, and the founder of Liift and He founded Liift after a career in sales and as a leading UK coach, working with start-ups and scaling companies on their sales, business skills, IP and investor pitches. He noted a failing in the support available for these innovative businesses. Whilst there are many agencies offering great designs, or coaching, few places have the commercial sales and first-hand investor, CEO/director and sales pitch experience to blend into an effectively communicated sales presentation or pitch deck. With their in-house design team and Tony's three decades of business acumen, you are in safe hands at Liift. Whilst they focus on investor pitching, they also offer bespoke quotes on request for UK leading mentoring and coaching services. Contact them through their site for more information and to obtain a quote.

Tony worked in Swindon for YTKO and Outset supporting Swindon start ups and now also works as a Scale Up Director nationwide, on a flagship programme for Innovate UK. IUK are the UK governments lead on public funded high growth support to scaling technology companies with multi-million-pound turnovers. Through this and his consultancy work, Tony has nurtured many of the most innovative and disruptive technology companies in the world. He has also negotiated license and distribution deals with leading global brands and successfully pitched for grants and equity investment.

As part of Liift's mentoring and design processes, they will require additional information, which will be discussed with you during your free consultation. They always adhere to GDPR and are happy to sign an NDA. Part of their role requires you sharing your intellectual property and businesses plans and financial data with them. They may also request images, artwork, prior decks, and an up-to-date business plan. They do not research or provide financial modelling or forecasting as part of their services. Please see their sites terms and conditions page for payment terms.

They also have our incredibly talented in-house graphic design team. One of their designers has over twenty years of brand design, Logo design and commercial experience. They were founder of an award-winning manufacturing business, with products stocked in global chains and supermarkets. They also ran their own graphic design firm for a decade.

A pitch that does not resonate with your audience is just noise! You can have innovative ideas and products, but if you can't deliver them in a way that connects with people and is understood, you won't get results. Understanding your audience and being understood by them is fundamentally important to effective communication and any start up or growing business. That is why at Liift your mentoring, coaching and pitch decks are delivered and designed by a team with hands on commercial experience!

They believe getting to know you and the "WHY" behind your brand is key to supporting you in creating and presenting an incredible business to win you fresh sales or that all important investment!

They are based in Bristol, but can work hybrid, either via Teams or face to face.

Call the Liift team now on 0800 7797010
Or email
Quote code SYOBLIIFT for a 15% discount on mentoring, coaching or pitch deck support.

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Local partners

We are happy to promote anyone who is prepared to offer friendly support to local start-ups.

Our local partners have been kind enough to help us and are keen to help you too.

Frequently asked questions


Starting and running your own business is deeply personal but there are some questions which are asked more than others. Here are some of the most common mentoring queries that we have received over the years.

What is business mentoring?
Business mentoring is a supportive, long-term relationship where an experienced individual (the mentor) provides guidance, advice, and support to a less experienced person (the mentee). Unlike coaching, which is often more task and performance-oriented, mentoring focuses on the overall development of the mentee in a broader professional context.
What are the benefits of having a mentor?
Having a business mentor can offer numerous benefits, including personalised advice, insights into your industry, networking opportunities, emotional support, and guidance through challenges. Mentors can help you refine your business strategy and improve your decision-making skills.
What qualities should I look for in a mentor?
A good mentor should have a strong track record of success, deep industry knowledge, excellent communication skills, and the willingness to invest time in help you grow. Look for someone who is respectful, trustworthy, and demonstrates a genuine interest in your business and personal development.
What are the responsibilities of a mentor and a mentee?
Mentors are responsible for providing guidance, encouraging personal and professional growth, and offering constructive feedback. Mentees should come prepared, be open to learning and feedback, actively engage in the relationship, and set clear goals for what they hope to achieve.
How long do I have to work with a mentor?
The duration of a mentoring relationship can vary widely based on individual goals, the nature of the mentorship, and the preferences of both the mentor and the mentee. There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, but there are some general mentoring guidelines.
How much does a mentor charge?
Gather all necessary documents before starting the application process. Common requirements include a business plan, financial projections, details of key team members, and a clear description of how the grant will be used.
How do I find a suitable mentor?
A list of local and national contacts can be found below.

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The idea of starting your own business can be incredibly exciting and who can blame you for being tempted?

However, the sad truth is that far too many new enterprises fail in the early stages. Our aim is to make sure that you don't become one of them.

This guide explains the key start-up subjects in simple English and points to where you can find help and support.

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Free Friendly Advice

Liift pitch deck design, coaching and mentoring consultancy.

If you would like some free friendly advice from a trusted local partner, please complete the form.

There will not be any pressure nor will you be under any obligation to buy paid services.

Alternatively you can contact Andy Pringle at and he can help guide you with more information or suggest the best person to contact.

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Wiltshire Mentors

Work Wiltshire - Mentors Wanted!
Mentors sought from local companies to help young people achieve brighter futures.
Business Mentoring Services Ltd
Running your own business can be a stressful and lonely experience, and doesnt leave much time to think or plan - even successful entrepreneurs dont always feel in control. A mentor helps you to work out how to run your business more effectively to achieve the results you want. You are a business owner up against obstacles to growth. Youre working very hard yet at times it seems almost impossible to make any progress. You may feel overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make, and lack confidence to change your strategy and go for growth. We can help! We offer a comprehensive range of services for business owners.
Business Mentors South West
Our core ethos is to help people who are endeavouring to set up and develop smaller enterprises and in doing so help communities develop with thriving small businesses in their midst providing increased job opportunities and in turn assisting the wider economy. Volunteer mentors are arranged to spend time with business owners who are seeking to start, grow and improve their enterprises. This service is provided at no charge to the person mentored. The service is intended to help people with their enterprise creating self sufficiency, pride and value to them and their communities. It is given by volunteers with no agenda other than providing mentoring help and assistance to others to achieve their ambitions.
Business West
So you’ve got your business idea and you know that it’s viable, now you need finance to get started, but what steps do you need to take? There’s a lot to consider, but the good news is you don’t have to go it alone!
CSW Enterprise
The CSW Enterprise Mentoring programme aims to raise the aspirations of students, motivate them and improve their employability skills. Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is an effective way of helping people to progress in their careers and is becoming increasing popular as its potential is realised. Mentoring is a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.
Gemma Went
You know what I love? Entrepreneurs and small business owners with big dreams. You’re my crowd. But creating, running and growing a business isn’t easy. It can be a bit scrappy, a bit messy, a bit uncomfortable. No matter what level you’re at – startup, growth or scale – there are new challenges and new blocks to overcome. I’m here to help with that. I’ve been where you are. I get it.
Mentor-net offers business support for small businesses through mentoring across the South of England. It is a confidential business support service provided by the not-for-profit Mentor-net programme and volunteer Business Mentors, who are drawn from experienced members of the business community and the professions.
Wiltshire Business Mentoring Scheme
The Wiltshire Business Mentoring Scheme is a non-profit association of professional business mentors working with business owners and start ups across the county. The Scheme provides 3 sessions of business mentoring, each of c1.5 hrs (total c4.5 hrs) within a 3 month period. There is a registration fee of £50. The open market value of this service is £540. On completion of the 3 mentoring sessions, the business owner and the mentor are free to end the relationship or to negotiate their own Terms and Conditions for a private business mentoring relationship. There is a rigourous recruitment process for mentors, who abide by the Schemes Code of Practice.
Your Coaching
Whether it is in our business or personal lives we all face decisions and issues that can be difficult and challenging; sometimes these seem insurmountable. Time to engage a powerful partner! Choosing to work with a coach or mentor can help you make those decisions effectively, create appropriate strategies and implement the most effective tactics.

Local help for startups

There is plenty of help for startups in Wiltshire but where can it be found?

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